Domestic violence: How to speak out if you’re not a victim

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I have never been a victim of domestic violence and for that, I am truly and immeasurably grateful. I can only imagine the pain and suffering, but I know those thoughts are but an ill-formed shadow of what real victims endure, and unlike these brave women, my thoughts can be switched off. October is domestic violence awareness month. I’ve read some … Read More

My week of #parentpride

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Celebrating our achievements as parents is often low down on our lists… somewhere between washing the curtains and cleaning the light switches. (I hear people do these things…?!) You may have already seen my parent pride post which challenges us to take a week to actively notice, log and celebrate our parenting wins, no matter how small, because we don’t often … Read More

Dear Daughter: These things I promise you

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– I promise to give you more experiences than things, because things lose their novelty after a while but experiences can enrich your entire life. Experiences help you see the world from another perspective and step into someone else’s shoes. They open your eyes to the world and all it offers, all its ups and downs, and helps you maintain … Read More