A letter to my pregnant self

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Hi Alice, It’s your friend, future you… (I know, clever huh?!) I wanted to write to you to tell you some things you probably don’t want to hear, because I know how stubborn you are, but I’m hoping because it’s coming from yourself you might actually listen. You’ll find this out, but it’s really hard being a mother and having a friend who is … Read More

11 thoughts I had while pregnant that will make you LOL

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It still amazes me how totally, utterly clueless I was before having a child. In my arrogance borne of inexperience, I freely judged other people’s parenting whilst holding a very clear idea of exactly the type of parent I would be. No nonsense parenting, impeccably mannered children, days full of enriching activities and never a raised voice. I’ve pretty much … Read More

5 posts every pregnant first time mum should read

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It can be hard to know what to read as a pregnant first time mum. Many new mums want to be as prepared as possible which is absolutely wonderful and I fully support that. You’re already a great mum in my eyes if you’re caring for your baby before they’re even here. However, there is SO much information available online and in … Read More