Hey mama, how are you?

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Header image: a woman sits at a metal table outside, holding a white mug in her hands. Her face is out of shot but her brown hair falls over her shoulder. (Hey mama, how are you? - Letters to my Daughter)

Hey mama, I know you’re busy. I know you’ve got a million plates spinning and a hundred balls in the air and you feel like if you stop to take a breath then everything will come crashing down around you and it will all be your fault. But I promise the world won’t end if you pause a while to … Read More

9 brilliant blog posts to empower mums

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My mission with Letters to my Daughter is to empower mums to be confident, capable, kind and resilient women, setting a positive example for our daughters. Mums are amazing. You are amazing. Raising little people to become confident, capable, kind and resilient adults is no mean feet, but mums accept the challenge everyday, and we never give up. Even the … Read More