Dear Daughter: A Valentine’s poem for my baby bear

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Dear Daughter, I was thinking about what to write for a Valentine’s day post. Since I publish every Wednesday, and V-Day happens to fall on a Wednesday this year, I couldn’t ignore it! The gift guides aren’t really my thing since daddy and I don’t usually bother. We tend to get cheesy chips from Folkestone kebab each year so I don’t … Read More

Why happy mum, happy child isn’t as simple as it seems

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Happy mum, happy child. We’ve all heard it a hundred times… that we need to take care of ourselves if we want to effectively take care of our children. And I agree… to a degree. But there’s something about the blanket statement that makes me feel a little uneasy. Like the ‘breast is best‘ mantra that seems innocent enough at first glance, … Read More

Pottery painting at Mudpie with a toddler

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I took Dee pottery painting for the first time last Saturday. I’d been meaning to take her for ages and finally got round to it on a cold, windy January morning – perfect for indoor activities and hot chocolate! Mudpie is a beautiful, family run pottery and craft studio in Folkestone, Kent with a calm, clean, kitsch vibe. It’s a beautiful … Read More

Beat toddler bathtime battles with these 6 tips

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Ever since she was born, my daughter, Dee, hated bathtime. Bathing her was a two man job when she was tiny because, well, mostly I just needed the moral support (and for it to be over ASAP). As she’s grown older, we’ve been through endless phases of bathtime bliss vs bathtime battles. There doesn’t seem to be any method to her madness … Read More

A letter to my pregnant self

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Hi Alice, It’s your friend, future you… (I know, clever huh?!) I wanted to write to you to tell you some things you probably don’t want to hear, because I know how stubborn you are, but I’m hoping because it’s coming from yourself you might actually listen. You’ll find this out, but it’s really hard being a mother and having a friend who is … Read More

Why I got my daughter a wooden spoon for Christmas

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I read a heartfelt post recently by Wendy from Naptime Natter about PND at Christmas. It got me thinking about the pressure parents can put on themselves to make Christmas perfect for their children, even when they’re really tiny. Be it going all out on decorations, chasing down every last item on the baby gift guides, taking them to ALL the Christmas … Read More

Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas day

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Christmas is a time of mass consumption and produces a lot of waste. We’re getting close to the big day so chances are you’ve already done most of your shopping, and hit up the eco-friendly Christmas gift guides if you’re that way inclined. You’ve bought your wrapping paper, your Christmas tree and decorations are up, I’m not going to undo … Read More

11 thoughts I had while pregnant that will make you LOL

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It still amazes me how totally, utterly clueless I was before having a child. In my arrogance borne of inexperience, I freely judged other people’s parenting whilst holding a very clear idea of exactly the type of parent I would be. No nonsense parenting, impeccably mannered children, days full of enriching activities and never a raised voice. I’ve pretty much … Read More