Dear Daughter: Believe in something

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I have some big, sometimes controversial beliefs. I label myself a feminist, and that automatically gets me both cheers and groans depending on the audience (you tend to just look blankly and turn back to watching PAW Patrol). I also champion breastfeeding and a mother’s right to the support required to meet her goals, and to feed her child for … Read More

This is why I was terrified of my new baby

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I’m not afraid to admit, I was terrified when we brought D home from the hospital. It was inconceivable that a new baby, a whole tiny helpless life, was entrusted to our untrained, untested care. There were no definitive guide books, no rules. We had ultimate power and ultimate responsibility. We didn’t know what the hell we were doing. For a … Read More

Amazing everyday women: What’s it like to be a female engineer?

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I know a lot of amazing women. The sort of women who are perfect role models for my daughter. Strong, intelligent, confident, capable, inspiring. From engineers to business owners, sports champions to community heroes. These women totally rock, but do so without fame and fortune. They’re people you meet in everyday life, in the supermarket, in the pub, at the children’s … Read More

Super awesome surprise birthday QUEST for my husband!

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It’s my husband’s birthday today (happy birthday darling), and I am SO relieved! I’ve been planning a surprise birthday quest since I set up the Facebook event on a late night I-definitely-won’t-regret-this-in-the-morning whim back in July, and have been dying to tell him ever since. The reason I kept it a secret all this time is because he’s a meddler. I knew if I … Read More

Domestic violence: How to speak out if you’re not a victim

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I have never been a victim of domestic violence and for that, I am truly and immeasurably grateful. I can only imagine the pain and suffering, but I know those thoughts are but an ill-formed shadow of what real victims endure, and unlike these brave women, my thoughts can be switched off. October is domestic violence awareness month. I’ve read some … Read More

5 posts every pregnant first time mum should read

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It can be hard to know what to read as a pregnant first time mum. Many new mums want to be as prepared as possible which is absolutely wonderful and I fully support that. You’re already a great mum in my eyes if you’re caring for your baby before they’re even here. However, there is SO much information available online and in … Read More

Dear Daughter: Be kind

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As you grow, I hope to teach you lots of wonderful things beyond just your ABCs and how to count in twos. These things are important, but one of the biggest things I hope to teach you is how to be kind, and why it’s so vitally important. The world is an amazing place full of wonder and beauty, and … Read More

How to read more books as a busy parent

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I love reading but, since becoming a mum, I’ve struggled to find the time. I realised recently that I’d read just 1 book in 2.5 years… and it was about potty training… joy. Of course I’ve read countless children’s books, over and over again, but they don’t count. (Is there a record for the number of times one person has red … Read More