7 Reasons Your Baby Cries When Eating (Guest Post)

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Header image. In background, baby sits in highchair as parent's hand is seen holding spoon in baby's mouth. Baby is crying and pushing hand away. (7 reasons why your baby cries when eating - Letters to my Daughter)

Having a hard time when feeding your little one?

I feel you there, 100%!

It’s not like your baby cries all day, but what’s concerning is you want your tiny bub to eat something instead of bawling…

And the last thing you want is to get super frustrated that your little one isn’t too excited about food.

But no worries, moms and dads.

I’m here to share with you those common reasons why your baby cries when eating and what you can do about it.

1. Baby needs a nappy change.

Okay, so maybe it’s not every feeding time that your baby needs to have their diaper changed. But when babies cry, it could mean that they’re uncomfortable, in pain, or hungry.

And if you’re absolutely sure that it’s time for feeding right now, yet your baby doesn’t seem too excited about it, then something else is definitely up.

Try checking her diaper to see if a nappy change is necessary. Maybe you haven’t changed her diaper yet, and knowing how many diapers a day she uses up can give you some idea if the crying is due to a nappy issue.

If that’s the culprit, then save your baby from the discomfort and change that diaper right away. Then, feeding time will be much more enjoyable for you and your child.

2. Not quite hungry yet.

Your baby loves to suck on anything… But that’s just how babies are!

This doesn’t automatically mean your little one is craving for food. It could be she’s hungry, but it could also mean something else.

Since she’s at an oral stage where she learns more about the world around her by putting stuff in her mouth, it’s easy for moms to mistake this habit as a sign of hunger.

So if you give her milk and she won’t stop crying, just don’t force it. Your little girl doesn’t want to eat at the moment, and both of you will just get frustrated if you insist on giving her food when she’s not asking for it.

3. Excessive feeding at bedtime.

We all want our kids to maintain an ideal weight. And I’m sure no parent would want to have an emaciated baby.

But just because your little one hasn’t put on much weight yet, that doesn’t make it completely OK for you force her to eat when she isn’t quite hungry yet .

Most especially at bedtime.

Your baby will let you know when she’s hungry, and trying to fill her up before bedtime won’t make her sleep any better.

It’s best to listen for your baby’s hunger cues rather than trying to feed her when she’s not really hungry at the moment.

4. Too exhausted to eat anything.

Older baby asleep in highchair (7 reasons why your baby cries when eating - Letters to my Daughter)Have you ever felt super exhausted that all you want to do is to lay down and sleep? And when you’re really really tired, isn’t food the last thing on your mind?

Well, that’s how it works for your baby, too.

When your baby has had an active playtime or went on a little road trip with the family, or is just plain tired and sleepy, you’ll be up for a really nasty cryfest if you make her eat when all she wants is to conk out.

Come on, you know the feeling, right? If sleep is more important at that moment, give her the luxury of dozing off instead of forcing that food in her mouth.

5. It’s not the time for feeding yet.

They may have such an erratic sleep schedule, but when it comes to feeding time, babies just know it.

Perhaps you’re a busy mom who just wants to get the feeding time out of the way and make it fit your schedule.

What you do is to change up your baby’s feeding pattern, make her eat as much as you want her to, but just get frustrated when she keeps on rejecting it.

Keep in mind that some babies feed in small amounts, but as often as they want. On the other hand, other babies have a different feeding pattern.

You should be familiar with your child’s unique pattern and follow it instead of insisting on what you want her to do. It’s just not going to work for the two of you.

6. Baby is not in her “element”.

You’re out at the mall with your bundle of joy, shopping for new clothes and maybe a pair of those cute booties. Come lunchtime, the whole family goes to a restaurant and starts digging into their plates.

But you want to make sure your little bub eats something, too, so you offer her some milk. She rejects it, starts crying, and now you’re wondering what’s up with her.

See, babies are really sensitive about the place where they are. Your little one is probably used to having a quiet and cozy environment during feeding time, and a busy restaurant is definitely not anywhere close to the ambiance she’s accustomed to.

When she’s not in her element, no amount of forcing or pleading or distracting with toys could ever work.

If you really want to feed her, find a quiet spot where she’ll feel more relaxed. Then offer her the milk again, but don’t force it when she starts crying again.

7. Baby is not ready for a different kind of food.

Young baby sits in high chair with mouth open wide ready for spoonful of baby food (7 reasons why your baby cries when eating - Letters to my Daughter)Babies look super cute when a single pearly white starts peeking through their gums. Some parents mistake this as a sign that it’s perfectly fine to start giving solid food to their little one.

But this is just not the case for all, especially for picky eaters. And definitely not recommended until your baby is 6 months old or so.

If milk is what she wants, then give it to her. Give solids later when she’s ready, and feeding time will be a pleasant experience for her.

Takeaway Thoughts

Every parent just wants the best for his or her child. But when your baby isn’t quite in the mood to eat and crying happens during feeding time, you HAVE to understand what’s going on.

By realising the possible reasons why your baby cries when eating, you can prevent these frustrating scenarios from happening while making sure your child enjoys feeding time and gets the most out of it.

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Rachel Lee black and white head shot (7 reasons why your baby cries when eating - Letters to my Daughter)Rachel Lee, founder of thebabylover
Only being 36, I understand that becoming a new mom is incredibly exciting but also challenging. I remember having a multitude of questions when it came to my pregnancy, taking care of a newborn child, and raising little ones. That is why I decided to create this blog. I wanted to share the vast amount of knowledge with other mommy’s who need help with everything regarding pregnancy and child care.

There could be so many reasons why your baby cries when eating! Troubleshoot with this great guest post from Rachel at The Baby Lover (7 reasons why your baby cries when eating - Letters to my Daughter)

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