Charity of the month May 2018: Scope

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Header image: a young girl in a wheelchair is drawing a picture outside next to a field of sheep while her mum crouches next to her to look at her drawing. (Charity of the month May 2018: Scope - Letters to my Daughter)

I’ve wanted to start a charity of the month campaign for a while. I’ve mentioned plenty of charities in my posts and have started trying to give more money to charity in acknowledgement of my privilege.

With great power comes great responsibility and all that…

Well perhaps I don’t have great power, but since I have a blog that apparently people read (thank you!) it seems like the perfect platform to promote charities that are doing amazing work. Giving them extra exposure costs me only my time (although I will donate some cash to each one as well) but it helps shed some more light on the issues they’re campaigning for and might just bring in some extra funds.

So without further ado, my charity of the month for May 2018 is: Scope.

“Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.”

That’s a very noble goal.

I  openly label myself a feminist and, for me, that has come about because I value equality. Any organisation working to promote equality is doing great things in my opinion.

What does Scope do?

Scope provides help, support and information to disabled people and carers, signposting to relevant services and funding. They also campaign to raise awareness of key issues faced by disabled people.

I’m a particular fan of the #EndTheAwkward campaign which aims to educate people about how to interact with disabled people – appropriately!


I’ve come to know some lovely people through blogging who also happen to be disabled, and I’m shocked over and over again at the adversity they face. Many of them are parents and it throws in to stark contrast the differences between their parenting experiences and my own.

It’s hard enough being a parent, but imagine being a parent with a disability. Imagine not being able to lift your baby, or chase after your toddler when they’re doing a runner in the supermarket.

Imagine having a disabled child, and having to change them on the floor of a public loo because they’ve grown too big for the baby change table. Or knowing that when they grow up, they may have to apply for 60% more jobs before they find someone to employ them.

It may be a cliche, but we take for granted so many things at are more difficult for people with disabilities.

I tend to think of it a bit like parenting. You can’t comprehend it until you live it. You can understand elements of it, but, like parenting, it the 24/7 element that is difficult to appreciate.

I won’t, therefore, try to talk about the experiences of disabled people. There are plenty of disabled bloggers out there who are more qualified to do so. But just because I am not disabled, doesn’t mean I can’t actively show my support.

We can change the world with kindness, but to do so, we need to extend that kindness to people who aren’t “like us”. To the people who look different, sound different, and think differently. Because we’ve all got our humanity in common, and we can learn so much from people who are different to us.

Charity of the month

Get involved in the charity of the month campaign by popping over to my Facebook page for more details about Scope, to share some key messages, and to find out what Mindful Monsters is! You can also donate there, or directly via the Scope website  if you want to show your support that way.

If you don’t have the time to share, or the funds to donate, then perhaps you could take a moment to think about people with disabilities. Next time you’re finding something difficult, or having a tough time, consider how much more difficult that situation might be if you you also had a disability to contend with.

The driving force of equality has to be empathy and understanding.

The people I know who are dealing with disabilities daily are hella’ strong people, tackling challenges I can only begin to imagine. They totally deserve as much support and understanding as we can afford.

Scope campaigns to make the UK a place where disabled people have equal opportunities. Find out why I've chosen Scope as my charity of the month for May and how you can show your support.. Charity of the month May 2018: Scope - Letters to my Daughter


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