The problem with feminism

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I know, I know, I’m a self proclaimed feminist parenting blogger, so can I really have a problem with feminism? Well, yes, and I’ll tell you why. I commented on a post about feminism the other day, and I said something like “feminism is great, but it’s radfems that spoil it for the rest of us and give feminism a … Read More

BlogCrush week 66 – 18th May 2018

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Welcome to #BlogCrush week 66! The old overwhelm has started to rear it’s ugly head again the last couple of weeks so I’m trying to be kind to myself. I skipped a blog post, I got take away, I said no to a couple of things… Dave finishes his exams this week though so will be footloose and fancy free … Read More

BlogCrush week 65 – 11th May 2018

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Welcome to #BlogCrush week 65! Happy Friday folks! Quick one this week because it’s my 10 year anniversary today (Thursday) so I’m scheduling and then hanging out with my love! On to Blog Crush…! If it’s you’re first time here… #BlogCrush is a unique linky party that encourages bloggers to big each other up and share some bloggy love. You link up … Read More

Mindful Monsters – Mindfulness for children

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Header image: Background of contents of Mindful Monsters pack (Mindful Monsters: Mindfulness for children - Letters to my Daughter)

Collaborative post. What is Mindful Monsters? Mindful Monsters is a monthly subscription pack created by Scope (my charity of the month by the way!), which encourages children to practice mindfulness. In my other job working in occupational health, I frequently preach about the benefits of mindfulness for adults. At our last staff away day, I arranged a mindfulness workshop for our … Read More

Charity of the month May 2018: Scope

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Header image: a young girl in a wheelchair is drawing a picture outside next to a field of sheep while her mum crouches next to her to look at her drawing. (Charity of the month May 2018: Scope - Letters to my Daughter)

I’ve wanted to start a charity of the month campaign for a while. I’ve mentioned plenty of charities in my posts and have started trying to give more money to charity in acknowledgement of my privilege. With great power comes great responsibility and all that… Well perhaps I don’t have great power, but since I have a blog that apparently … Read More

BlogCrush week 64 – 4th May 2018

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Welcome to #BlogCrush week 64!   May the 4th be with you! Do you celebrate Star Wars day? I admit I haven’t seen any of the new films and I’m not that fussed by the old ones. But I do love a pun so this day always makes me smile each year! The lovely Wendy from Naptime Natter usually hosts … Read More