How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL

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Header image. A carton of WUBL water sits on a broken stree stump on a window sill with grass visible in the background. (How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)

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I never thought I would have to try so hard to encourage my child to drink water instead of juice. I had such good intentions when she was born to never give her juice and make water her staple drink. If she doesn’t drink anything else, she won’t miss it…I thought.

Then she started having a little sip of juice here and there. Then that turned into having her own cup of severely diluted juice. (Honestly, Dave told me I was cruel for how little juice I put in!) Then as other people started making her drinks of juice, they got steadily stronger. Now she’ll quite happily chug a whole carton of juice in one go, and have a tantrum if I dare to tell her we’re out of squash and she has to drink water.

And now I’m over here like, “how did this happen?!”

It’s not ALL bad. She only drinks water at the childminders, and I do talk to her about why water is healthier than juice which sometimes works to placate her. If she wants to use a fancy cup with built in straw, I’ll only let her have water because I can’t stand the lingering smell that juice leaves behind. It’s a begrudging acceptance of water at best.

But mostly she just wants juice.

Until recently when something miraculous happened… She willingly, gleefully, chose water! It was a carton of WUBL water to be precise.

What’s WUBL water?

Simply put, it’s water in a carton. Sounds simple, but since we’ve had our cartons, we’ve discovered it’s so much more than that. It’s a way to encourage your child to drink water INSTEAD of juice.

WUBL isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement. Creators Mark & Leigh are on a mission to make water as fun and accessible to kids as juice is. They’re doing this by making it convenient and appealing to kids by putting it in cartoons with cute characters on them. They’ve also created WUBL World – a website you reach by rocketship where young children can meet the WUBLs, find games to play, stories to read and pictures to colour.

There’s also a handy parents section with a wealth of information about WUBL and their mission to encourage kids to drink water.

9 tiled screenshots of each page f the WUBLWordl site (How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)

Why put water in a carton?

Can’t you just use a refillable water bottle?

When I first saw WUBL pop up on Instagram, I thought, that’s cute, but water is free, why not just take a refillable water bottle with you when you go out?

Well, yes of course you can take a refillable water bottle, and that would be cheaper. But what about when you’re in a rush and leave it on the side, or don’t have time to wash it up from last time you used it? (This is usually me.) Or you’re out for longer than you thought and the kids are thirsty but all they have in the shop is exciting looking cartons of juice vs boring bottles of water?

I tell you, put something in a cool looking carton and children will drink it!

Chatting to Mark & Leigh recently, they told me about how, during the early product testing phase of WUBL, they put some cartons in a drinks chiller at a garden centre between two cartons of juice. They stayed close to watch what happened when children came along to choose a drink. The children kept going for the water because the packaging was more exciting. It just goes to show, when you make water look more exciting, children will believe it is exciting. When it looks like it’s something for them, they will want to drink it.

It makes water accessible to children

We’re all aware of the power of advertising. How often do you see drinking water marketed at children? Never? Or at least very rarely… If we keep reiterating this message that water is boring and not ‘for’ children, then that’s what they will grow to believe. But WUBL are starting the message young that water is far from boring and most definitely for children.

It’s a greener alternative to bottled water

WUBL is packaged in recyclable Tetra Pak cartons which uses paper from sustainable forests and is recyclable in most parts of the UK. You can find out where you can recycle Tetra Paks using the tool on their website. And if you’d like to learn more about why Tetra Paks are green, check out this article from Tree Hugger.

A carton of WUBL Water sits on a tree stump on a windowsill against a background of grass (How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)

Water is a healthier alternative to juice

The more you can encourage your child to drink water over juice, the easier it will be to manage their sugar intake.

Like it or not, juice in all forms is packed with sugar. If it’s freshly squeezed or blended at home, it’s got lots of fibre too, but average shop bought juices rank high on the sugar scale with little nutritional reward. No added sugar drinks can cut down the sugar but can still promote a sweet tooth, leaving children craving sweetness just as much as sugar does. Of course it’s fine to give your child juice now and then, but I think we can all agree that water is a healthier alternative and given the choice, we’d rather they drink water.


Where & when to WUBL

  • At the park – children need to stay hydrated when running around, and water is the healthiest option
  • In the car – on the school run? On the way home from the supermarket? Keep your kids happy & hydrated with a carton of water
  • In lunchboxes – They’re perfect lunchbox sized cartons of water that won’t leave children feeling left out if their friends have juice.
  • At the airport – You can’t take bottles of water through security, so you’re going to throw them away anyway. Give the kids a carton of WUBL before you go through to keep them hydrated for the walk the other side.
  • At home – To promote independence, we’ve created a shelf in a cupboard for Dee with snacks and drinks she can help herself to (when it’s not nearly dinnertime). Until we discovered WUBL, all I could put there was cartons of juice. Now she happily chooses water!

A wire shelf in a cupboard holds 2 blue cartons of WUBL water, some packets of cheesy biscuits and some fruit. (How to encourage your child to drink more water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)Child hand reaches for the WUBL water on the shelf (How to encourage your child to drink more water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)


Where to get your own WUBL water

You can get WUBL with next day delivery on Amazon (FULL DISCLOSURE: This is an affiliate link. If you click through to Amazon and make a purchase I may get a small commission but the price you pay will be the same).

You can also get it in store at these fab places:

If you’d like to see WUBL stocked in more places, including your local supermarkets, soft play centres, and cafes – please share the word of WUBL! Tweet about it, tell your friends and family on Facebook, tell the place you want to stock it what they’re missing. (You could even share or tag them in this post 😉).

I was gifted these cartons of WUBL in exchange for an honest review. You can see my full disclosure policy here. I only ever write about products I believe in, and I really think WUBL could be great for parents and children, we just need to get the word out there!

The other option to get hold of your own is to….

Win a case of WUBLWater, AND a custom caricature of you or your child in WUBL form!

Mark and Leigh have very kindly offered a case of WUBL Water (x12 cartons) AND a custom one-off caricature of your child in WUBL form (you’ll receive an electronic copy of the picture by email). How cool is that?!

If you would like to make water exciting for your child, get them involved by showing them the Make-A-World game on the WUBL Website and get 5 entries when you submit their creation!

Make-A-World instructions:

  1. Enter your name, child’s name and an email address; this data will not be shared and is used to email you the picture(s) created each time it is clicked!
  2. Colour the background using the sky, clouds, mountain, grass and tree buttons (or the randomize purple button!)
  3. Drag on as many WUBLs as you’d like!
  4. Use the orange slider on the right to resize the WUBLs you click on or drag on!
  5. Don’t forget that you can click the email/envelope button each time you’d like to email the picture to yourself to save or maybe print off!


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Once my daughter got a taste for juice, it was hard to get her to drink water again. With juice packed full of sugar, I've been trying to find ways to get her to drink water without sparking tantrums and tears. WUBL Water has made a massive difference to her water intake, and my stress levels! (How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL - Letters to my Daughter)

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34 Comments on “How to encourage your child to drink water with WUBL”

  1. I struggle, a lot, to get my son to drink water and he still won’t! He’s 4 and at pre-school and he gets in trouble all the time as he’s “not allowed” to drink his water with a splash of apple juice. Apparently when he starts school in September, they only allow water and I’m so worried about him dehydrating at school. I am so glad to have found this and will give it my best shot. I hope very much to win the comp! Thanks

  2. I drink it too – i try not to buy fizzy sugary drinks – an odd treat when we are out –

  3. Make it readily available, get a few colourful, twisty straws for them to drink from, add some flavour by infusing fruits such as lemon slices or berries and set an example by drinking lots of water yourself.

  4. I drink a lot of water myself so she’s always seen me drinking water so happily does the same.

  5. Actually my nephew loves water. I tried giving him a little f Izzy lemonade and he hated it.

  6. I actually think this is an amazing idea – I’ve become a bit obsessed since watching Hugh FW’s new show and It’s opened my eyes to how wrong our society has become when it comes to marketing products for children, and the aount of junk in processed foods. Our eldest daughter prefers water and always chooses it over juice, but her sister…that’s a whole other story! we need some WUBL!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  7. What a clever idea this is! I think my youngest in particular (who will drink water but loves juice more) would like these. He would think he’s getting a real treat even though it’s just water. Love that the cartons are recyclable too. #thesatsesh

  8. I like the idea of advertising water to kids, you’re right they don’t advertise it. Hmm, mixed on tetrapacks. There aren’t that many places that recycle them vs plastic bottles. And when out and about recycling is a nightmare full stop. So I guess it’s having to lug them home and not being able to reuse them which would put me off. Yes, plastic bottles are bad, but at least we reuse them a few time, and then recycle. #coolmumclub

  9. I struggle to get her to drink water at home! At school they are only allowed water though so that helps

  10. I really like the fact that the carton is recyclable. We’re trying to be much better about plastic in our house so this is a real draw. The twins may like these so will deffo give WUBL a try. Thanks for linking up to #thesatsesh xx

  11. We struggle to get our daughter to drink water! But I’m not sure even if it’s tetra pack I like that, sometimes it can’t be recycled can it? We just constantly mix up which drink cup we use – seems to make her drink more sometimes! I have been known to bribe with food.. if you drink your drink you can have a yoghurt for pudding etc – no drink, no pudding! Also works. It’s a constant battle though!! #coolmumclub

  12. i encourage my children to drink more water by letting them pick their own water bottle and also only buy other drinks in as an odd treat

  13. to help my kids achieve drinking more water i tend to offer them a drink what feels like every 30 seconds!!! i always tell them little and often!

  14. One of my grandson only drinks water, whilst the others have juice diluted with water they won’t touch plain water. I’m hoping Wubl will change their minds

  15. whata fun and practical way to drink water. We always have some to hand to help ‘remember’ to drink it – cups and bottles of water around the house. But i love how portable these are for when going out. Fun straws are also great – we use re-usable ones these days where possible

  16. Start them off on water after weaning and never give them sweet or fizzy drinks so their palate gets used to water.

  17. By telling my daughter it’s good for her she’s 5 and has never had a fizzy drink she tried one about a week ago and pooped herself lol she gave it back to me she was traumatized by the fizzyness 😂

  18. I am lucky in that both of my children love water however not tap water. they will only drink bottled water . they choose which products we buy and I must say are attracted to the colour of bottle and labelling

  19. I use fun and funky cups for the children’s water. They dobt need any encouragement then . Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  20. I guess I’m lucky as we’ve never had a problem getting our son to drink plenty of water as he enjoys it.

  21. I let them choose a water bottle ftom the shops and fill it with water and leave it on the table giving them gentle reminders to drink

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