Why kids should do chores (Guest Post)

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A warm welcome this week to my first guest blogger, Zowie Ashton from Flat Clean London who has a passion for all things cleaning and organising!

I shared a post on the Letters to my Daughter Facebook page a couple of weeks ago asking parents to choose between getting a full 8 hours sleep every night, having a self cleaning house, having their child eat everything they were given, or someone to run all of their errands.

Unsurprisingly, sleep and cleaning were about tied for top place!

A self-cleaning house might not be within your budget just yet, but for those that wished for it, perhaps Zowie’s post might give you some ideas about how to get some help with the cleaning chores…

Why kids should do chores

A lot of parents worry whether they will still be considered good role models in parenting if they make their kids do some of the cleaning chores at home. I can assure you that there is nothing bad in teaching your kids to be responsible and organised. Of course, you should choose the duties which are doable at the certain age of your kid, but even toddlers can be helpful with the maintenance of your home. I can give you a few reasons why it is not only good but very beneficial to teach your kids to do some chores.

The benefits of teaching your kids do the chores

If you entrust some of the cleaning duties in your home to your children, you will be surprised how much this will change them as people and will build their characters in a way which will benefit their whole lives. By partaking in the housekeeping tasks, your kids will learn to be more responsible as adults.

Including your children in the house cleaning chores will also make them feel confident and important and they will feel proud as they help to the entire family with the tasks which they have done on their own.
Of course, a very vital benefit of teaching your children to do cleaning chores is the fact that you will be able to distribute the work among all members of your family and this way you will be able to finish all the housework a lot faster and easier. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy more time as a family and do the things you love.

Start teaching your kids at an early age

When children are as young as three or four years old, they often find some chores for interesting and they might express their desire to help you. Don’t be too hasty to send them away to play just because you think that you will do the cleaning faster if you do it on your own. It is important to teach your children to do chores while they are still willing to get dirty and lend you a hand. If you wait for them to grow older you are risking to miss the chance to teach them being responsible and they might lose interest in doing any of the housekeeping duties.

Help your children to be active

As new generations get easily addicted to technologies and they are easily bored by everything which is not flashy, colourful and nosy. Teaching your children to do some housekeeping chores may benefit them in the long run. Doing outdoor chores in the garden, sweeping the floors and helping with the tidying up of their rooms are all tasks which often include a lot of movements which will not only help them be more active but it will allow them to enjoy every moment of life and see it the way we were able to see it before there was technology everywhere around us.

Bring the family closer

Including your children in the house cleaning chores will help you spend more time together and at the same time you will be able to spend more free time together and do your favourite family activities together. This will ultimately bring your family closer and you will be able to enjoy healthy and happy family relationships.

I assure you that there is no reason to worry about including your children in the cleaning duties. This will definitely not harm their childhood but quite on the contrary, they will be able to learn important lessons about life and apply them when they become adults.

Do your children help out with the chores? Or maybe you feel like they hinder? I’d love to know what age they are and what you let them help with… Let me know in the comments below…


Mums often feel like they need to provide endless enriching and stimulating activities for our children, but often, just taking part in the day to day aspects of home life can be just as beneficial - hear how guest writer Zowie Ashton believes it's good for our children to do chores. Why kids should do chores - Letters to my Daughter


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