5 positive & empowering things to say to your daughter every day + freebie

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We all want our daughters to grow into happy, confident, empowered adults, free of our own mental shackles. Here are 5 positive and empowering things to say to your daughter every day, to encourage her to grow into that person.

1. You are strong

Girls are typically judged on their appearance first, with relatives and supermarket strangers innocently saying ‘aren’t you pretty’ as their first port of call.

That’s fine, often we’ve only got appearance to go on when we first say hello, but as parents we need to do our bit to even the balance. Especially as girls and women grow up in a world seemingly hell bent on telling us we must strive to meet socially constructed beauty standards.

In a world that tells us we’re only as good as others judge our appearance, show your daughter that you see beyond that.

You don’t just see a ‘pretty little girl’, you see a strong girl. Capable of running fast, and climbing high and holding her own weight. A girl that can take care of herself and is physically and mentally fit and healthy.


2. You are kind

I’ve said many times that kindness can change the world. We just have to practise it more and make a habit of it.

The things we hear about ourselves and tell ourselves the most are what we start to believe and what we ultimately become.

Look out for the kind things she does and point them out. Tell your daughter she is kind, encourage her to practise kindness, and she will believe she is kind and it will become a natural part of her.

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3. You decide

Giving our daughters the tools to think critically, and make and evaluate their own decisions is so important.

Information is more abundant now than it has ever been in the history of human beings, with more and more being generated each day. Our daughters need to be able to decide what to believe and what not to believe, what they want, what they are going to do and what response they will give.

How many women do you know that find it difficult to make decisions? Encourage your daughter to practice making decisions. Encourage her to think about whether it was the right decision, and let her know that it’s OK to make wrong decisions, because it helps us learn and get it right next time.

5 positive and empowering things to say to your daughter every day

4. How do you feel?

Mindfulness is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. More and more focus is being put on the benefits of looking after our mental health the same way we look after our physical health.

Encourage your daughter to think about how she’s feeling without any self judgement. Give her space and quiet time to reflect on what’s going on in her head. Allow her to talk to you openly about it when she’s ready.

If she can practice it early on with you, she’ll be better at doing it on her own as she grows and becomes more independent.

5. I love you

I’m sure this one is already in your daily repertoire, but I couldn’t leave it out. It’s so important for our daughters to know that we are their safe place, and they can tell us anything and still be met with love and acceptance.

I am blessed with a mother who still tells me emphatically how much she loves me whenever I see her! I always knew growing up that she would be there for me without question whenever I needed her. It’s so comforting and empowering to know that you have that safety net. That there is always someone there who thinks you’re wonderful. To make things better whether you’ve scraped a knee, done something you shouldn’t have, or failed your driving test.

Tell your daughter your love her every day. Just knowing that love and security is there can give her the confidence to take risks and push herself that little bit further. Plus she’ll know there will always be someone to catch her if she falls.

If you like these ideas and would like more, I’ve put together a list of 30¬†positive and empowering things to say to your daughter every day. That way, you can mix it up so she doesn’t get bored of hearing the same things and so they don’t lose their power.

You can get the full list by providing your details below Plus get a BONUS cheat sheet “How to talk to your daughter about her day”.

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