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I’d been thinking about moving my blog from Wix to WordPress for a while, but was put off by the amount of work and new things I would have to learn in such a short space of time. That was until I discovered The Blog Genie who literally made all my bloggy wishes come true!

I was given a discount on services from The Blog Genie in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. IΒ  would have written this exact same post even if I’d paid full price!

Let me start at the beginning

I started my blog just over 6 months ago on Wix because a quick Google search on ‘best website creation platforms’ puts it right up there. A quick play around made it look super easy (which it really is) so I went for it. A little part of me is also a rebel who doesn’t like to follow the crowd and I had heady ideas of paving the way for a new wave of Wix bloggers, shunning the world of WordPress and doing things differently.

I now see that there is a reason so many bloggers use WordPress. Many reasons in fact. And they are all good ones.

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All the reasons to choose WordPress

Why I wanted to move from Wix to WordPress

Although Wix is SUPER easy to use, and I had my blog up and running and looking amazing in just a few hours (if I do say so myself!), I soon started to find it restrictive.

I’m sure Wix is fine for hobby bloggers, and for websites where blogging isn’t their core business and just a bit on the side. I’ve not been shy about admitting though that I’m in this blogging game to make an income so our family can realise our grand plans to travel and home educate, so it’s important that my blog works the way I need it to to reach my goals.

I’ve boiled my issues with Wix down to 3 core problems:

  1. No ability to add my Twitter handle to the Twitter share button

    Ok, this might sound like a little thing, but as a linky host who has to share a vast number of blog posts on Twitter, I know how bloomin’ annoying it can be.

    You’ve read a great post and want to share it on Twitter, and let the author know you’re sharing it because it will give them a boost and make them like you more (😁). You hit the little blue bird ( his name is Larry, did you know?) and the link pops up with no Twitter handle – so you have to go scrolling back through the blog or Twitter to find it making a 2 second job at least 20 secondsBlue Twitter bird aka Larry (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)


    Non bloggers might not appreciate the pain here, but trust me, it sucks. It also meant that people might have been sharing my posts all over the place, but I wouldn’t know so couldn’t thank them, and Twitter wouldn’t give me credit for being tagged in all the shares.

    Black mark for Wix, but I resigned myself to coping. Surely they would fix that at some point in the future…

  2. Bugs, losing access and late nights

    The second nail in the Wix coffin again alone is a minor annoyance but is amplified each time and combined with other issues becomes a massive headache. That nail is not being able to access my blog sometimes.

    Like, this is actually all my website is. A blog. And I can’t access it right now? Wonderful.

    I have a day job – I fit blogging in around working, parenting, housework (yes mum, I do do some occasionally) and supposedly sleeping. When I have a couple of precious blogging hours, it’s usually at about 9 – 10pm and often a last minute, “crap I’m supposed to be posting this tomorrow and all I have so far is a title”Β kind of deal.

    So when I’m greeted with this:Wix blog error screen is grey with a sad face in the middle (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)
    …and nothing I do resolves it, I get pretty miffed and end up staying up until gone midnight trying to make it work and wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. (Just visualise your goals Alice, don’t give up!)

    Alongside the lack of access, there were also plenty of times when I’d try to edit a post and it wouldn’t open properly so I’d have to refresh the page every fricking time.

    And how I’d add images in the right place but once saved they’d all jump to the top again… and again. Argh!

    And then there’s the lack of information and support about Wix sites. Wix support is via email but not very fast. Google any blogging issue and about 5 million posts about WordPress will pop up and not one about Wix. The Wix Facebook group isn’t much help, and even a ‘Wix expert’ I found on Fiverr managed to break my website and not fix a layout problem I had. So I effectively paid $5 for him to mess up my blog and then tell me what I wanted wouldn’t work because of the way Wix is designed, and then had to fix it myself. Cheers mate.

    I’ve been told that because WordPress is open source and Wix isn’t, Wix will never really be able to compete in functionality. I suppose that’s why there’s so little written about it because with no one else involved, it’s just them and a handful of bloggers producing support articles and they’re very thin on the ground.

  3. You can’t add nofollow links on Wix!

    The final and ultimate nail. Again, this won’t mean a lot to non bloggers, but this basically means that once my blog does start making money (which it’s about to – very exciting – will tell you more later), then I could be penalised by Google for accepting payment for links to other sites.

    It’s a murky subject in the land of blogging, but I’ve decided I am going to play by the rules and not risk the integrity of my blog. I may be a rebel, but I also respect the power of the Google Gods and do not want to be smited….smote?…smitten? …You know what I mean.

Enter The Blog Genie

So with all this coming to a head and me resigned to, but stressing over, the fact that I needed to move from Wix to WordPress… I was tapping away on my magic lamp (phone) one afternoon, and up pops a friend of mine, Kim from Raising a Ragamuffin. She was promoting her brand new website The Blog Genie – helping mum bloggers with blog-related technical problems. Turns out she’s a web developer by day…

Stars. Aligned.

I emailed her instantly with the subject line “You might be my saviour…” and explained my issue.

Screen shot of email subject line saying " You might be my saviour..." (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)

She came back to me the same day to say she could definitely help, and gave me:

  • An approximate quote
  • An overview of the process
  • Some questionsΒ to help her better understand my needs


Now THAT, my friends, is what you want when commissioning a job. Quick, clear, decisive, positive.

She also gave me helpful but completely unpushy advice about hosts and WordPress themes. These are so often aggressively marketed when they offer affiliate schemes, but Kim even gave me both her affiliate link AND a direct link to the website in case I didn’t want to use her affiliate link. Of course I did though, but it was such a refreshing change to not have it pushed down my throat!

The process of moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie

I have to admit, after a bit of back and forth questions and fact finding, Kim just… got on with it. After purchasing my new host and theme, I handed her the logins to everything and the next thing I new, I had a test site ready to check, so for the technical process side of things, you’ll have to ask her!

Wix don’t make it easy to move your blog. At all.

Each of the posts had to be copied over, and images and links re-added manually.

Black and white close up photo of a stressed woman with her head in her hands (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)

Luckily, I haven’t been blogging for years so there were only 60ish posts to transfer, but it was still quite a time consuming process. I was paying Kim by the hour so I did take over a lot of this bit to save myself some money and she was absolutely fine with that.

Sympathetic and cost-aware

Being a parent blogger herself, Kim has been very sympathetic and aware of costs throughout the whole process. She’s kept me updated when it started to take longer than planned (as everything always does) and suggested bits I could do myself, although it was always only an option – she was very happy to do them if I wanted her to.

She clearly listed things that she still needed to do when I’d done my bit, and kept me informed about the whole process all the way through. Best of all, she responded to my questions with answers I could understand!

Kim installed and set up loads of essential and super useful plugins for me so I didn’t need to faff around with doing that, and could be confident my blog was backed up and secure.

All in all it was a very smooth and easy process and I didn’t get stressed once!

Was it worth it?

Kim initially estimated the work would take 5 hours. It ended up taking 13 hours – mostly because Wix is such a headache. So it was far more expensive than I’d anticipated. However, if it took an experienced web developer and blogger 13 hours, I can only imagine how long it would have taken me. You have to weigh up the value of your own time that could be spent on other things.

Retro alarm clock sits on outdoor table next to 3 piles of coins increasing in height, each with a plant sprouting from the top of the pile (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)

I had zero experience of WordPress before the move, couldn’t make up my mind about hosts despite endless researching, and was going through a period of overwhelm with it all. Left to my own devices, I would probably still be on Wix for another year or more before I found the time / energy / confidence to take the plunge. Even then it would have been a case of learning on the job. (Which I do love, but this was big and daunting.)


Because I do intend to monetise my blog, I think it has been worth it for me. To have the stress taken away and to get on with writing blog posts knowing that my new site was in capable hands was AMAZING.

Hobby blogging vs business blogging

For hobby bloggers, unless you have a lot of expendable cash, it’s probably not worth it to be honest.

For serious bloggers who want to make their blog a business, I would totally recommend moving from Wix to WordPress. And if you’re not super technically savvy, then I would absolutely recommend getting some help from someone who knows what they’re doing like The Blog Genie. It just gives you total peace of mind to know that it’s not going to be messed up!

I also feel much more comfortable with my blog now that I know I can add nofollow links.

Most importantly, I’ve set up my Twitter share button to include my Twitter handle!! Woohoo! …Why don’t you try it out now?Β πŸ˜‰

Follow The Blog Genie

As well as providing great services for bloggers, Kim also writes super helpful blog posts about all things blogging so she’s a really good person to follow.

You can find her on Twitter and on Facebook, and of course on her website

The Blog Genie logo (Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie | Letters to my Daughter)

I was given a discount on services from The Blog Genie in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. I literally would have written this exact same post even if I’d paid full price!


Have you ever needed to make a big change on your blog? Did you have help or did you do it yourself? Would you consider getting help from an expert in future to give you peace of mind?

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28 Comments on “Moving from Wix to WordPress with The Blog Genie”

  1. It sounds like it was quite an easy move. It’s a good job there is people out there which offer services like this.
    That is pretty bad the Wix don’t let you add nofollow links…Eek! I did not know that. #MMBC

  2. Yay! Your Twitter handle is there! That must have been driving you crazy. I’ve always been on WordPress and can’t imagine the headache of having to copy over all your posts? It must have been a nightmare. Thank goodness you had the Blog Genie! Thanks for hosting #blogcrush x

  3. Sounds like a totoal headache! I went from a site to a self hosted site with siteground back in Feb. None of my photos migrated and it has taken hours to fix them all! The plug in link checker was a life saver tbh and I really recommend it. Well done you for not accepting follow links. It’s a slippery slope for sure. Great post. I would be interested in what plug ins you have? I have found Smush and link checker really useful as well a all the usual ones. #blogcrush

    1. It’s a massive PIA having to copy over photos etc isn’t it?! But worth it in the end and a good chance to review old posts and touch them up a abit. Kim installed all my plugins – she’s got a post about essential plugins for mum bloggers so I’ve got all those (I can’t remember what they are tbh!) and I’ve also added shareaholic and Monster insights to try them out πŸ™‚

  4. I wish The Blog Genie was around when I went through this process a few months ago – trust me, yours was money well spent – it took me AAAAGES!!!! I am following The Blog Genie already – can’t want to hear more tips and handy stuff xx #blogcrush

  5. I think I lasted on Wix about 5 minutes, then tried WordPress and Blogger and decided on Blogger but recently moved to WordPress! I’m staying put now though. I’m glad you found someone helpful to make the move for you, it’s incredibly complicated sometimes.

  6. I’m so glad you got it sorted as blog issues can be so stressful. I love that I now have a ‘blog guru’ I can follow too. I do run into odd jobs I need help with! #BlogCrush

  7. Thanks for the super informative post! I’m already on WordPress but more from familiarity with the name than knowing what I needed. You’ve certainly made me feel better about my lucky choice. And I’ll definitely check out The Blog Genie! #blogcrush

  8. I started on WordPress and have been so glad that I did. I continue to hear horror stories about other sites and the big switches people do. I’m so sorry you had to go through it, but glad Blog Genie helped and that you’re switched over and ready to go full throttle. Congratulations!

  9. I always panic about making changes to my site – one tiny bit of code out of place and the whole thing falls apart! Eeek! This certainly sounds like a simple, trustworthy solution! #blogcrush

  10. Interesting read, thank you! I feel happy that a friend recommended me to go with WordPress, reading this. It’s not perfect, but pretty good. And I would have gone mad over not being able to access my site! x #BlogCrush

  11. Changed to WordPress years ago and have never regretted it. Onwards and upwards for you and your blogging life #BlogCrush

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