13 gentle April Fool’s pranks to play on your toddler

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Header image: 13 gentle April Fool's pranks to play on your toddler - set against background image of blue and pink sour sweets
This year, April Fool’s Day falls on Easter Sunday. As it’s the first year my daughter will really be old enough for April Fool’s pranks, I’m embracing this!
I’m not going to get into the ethics of pranking your innocent little child… Of course, every parent knows their child best, and different children will have different levels of tolerance for pranks. This is your call!
There’s a mixed bag here, from the super gentle to hilariously cheeky. Pick the ones that will suit your child and their temperament the best so your fun day doesn’t turn sour.

Gentle April Fool’s pranks

  1. Mixed up songs – Dee loves singing these, but if your little one is used to singing ‘this little finger on my right’, try switching it up on April Fool’s Day and end on ‘this little finger on my left’. Oh the hilarity! We also point to the wrong places during Wind the Bobbin Up because we’re OFF THE CHAIN!

  2. That’s not my breakfast! – Sitting down at the breakfast table (or on the sofa if you like to slum it like us) hand them your breakfast and put theirs in front of you. You always have the Peppa Pig, plate right?! APRIL FOOLS! Oh mummy, you’re so silly!

  3. Whoopie cushion! – Another classic that never fails to amuse little and big kids alike!

  4. Sour treat – If your little one hasn’t yet had the pleasure or tasting a sour sweet – give them their first one today without warning. Get a camera ready for the face they pull!

    Pink & blue sour sweet worms

    Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

  5. My feet have shrunk! – Like a sneaky, cheeky ninja, put balled up socks in the toes of their shoes and pretend their feet have shrunk when trying to put them on.

  6. You win… – As it’s Easter, make an Easter egg hunt (or just a treasure hunt) with paper eggs, little chicks or other non-edible  treasure and say they will get their prize at the end when they’ve found them all. After all that effort, present a bag of carrots as their prize! (To be replaced with something better when the joke is revealed!)

  7. Take your thumb off – An oldie but a goody – the detachable thumb trick

  8. Wrap their room – Put wrapping paper over their bedroom door whilst they sleep so they have to burst through it in the morning. Fun AND funny. Extra points if it’s brick print and looks like a wall!

  9. Creepy crawly jelly – Suprise them with a special treat of jelly… but put plastic bugs in the bottom. Muahahahaaaa!

  10. Spider in the bathroom – Draw a spider on the toilet roll and roll it back up again for unsuspecting little people to discover.

  11. Missing egg – Give them a dippy egg that is actually just an egg shell that you took the contents out of earlier. Watch the whole thing crumble as they try to get into it! (Maybe have a real one on standby ready to avoid tears of disappointment if it’s likely to go that way).

  12. Flying toys – Hang some of their toys from the ceiling with clear thread so it looks like they’re all floating. Pretend you don’t know how it happened.

  13. Time travel – This one’s great if you’re really committed…put up the Christmas tree while they sleep and pretend it’s Christmas the next morning. Very confusing!

Hopefully there’s something in here that you feel is the right level for your child. April Fool’s day for me is all about having some good-hearted fun, and I’m excited to start introducing Dee to the concept.

…I just hope she’s in a good mood or it’s not likely to go down well!

Have you ever played any pranks on your little one? How did it go down? I’d love to hear what hijinks you get up to with your family in the comments.
Pinnable header image: 13 gentle April fool#s pranks to play on your toddler against backhground of pink and blue sour sweets

8 Comments on “13 gentle April Fool’s pranks to play on your toddler”

  1. My daughter is at an age where she cant stand Daddy joking and doesn’t realise he is! She’ll start feeling frustrated and I’ll end up thinking I’ve more than two kids to handle! #BlogCrush

    1. Oh no! I know that struggle! You’ve got to be quick with the reveal that it was a joke to get away with it but my husband always takes it too far!!

  2. Hahaha! Excellent ideas, I hope they were a success in your house! 🐥🤡
    We always like a whoopie cushion, and I love your suggestion of a wrapping paper doorway. The spider on the bog roll is brilliant as well, though I don’t think Penguin would give a hoot about that one (while it would have totally freaked me) lol x

  3. Hehe these are good ideas – very gentle but sure to get a laugh. My 7 year old has really been getting into the April Fools spirit this year and has been sticking stickers on our backs at every opportunity! #blogcrush

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