20 alternative uses for baby wipes

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We all know baby wipes are great for making tiny bottoms sparkly clean after a poopsplosion or even just a regular poop. (Sorry to talk about poop so early in the post!)

But did you know that there are alternative uses for baby wipes that might just make your life a little easier? After all – you’ve always got a pack in your bag right? Even if you’re having a rare child free outing!

I asked some fellow bloggers what they use their baby wipes for and I must say, they’re a pretty inventive bunch…

20 alternative uses for baby wipes


1. Wrapping round the end of an ice lolly so it absorbs the melted leaks and doesn’t cover the little ones clothes in it
– Lianne from Anklebiters Adventures 

2. Cleaning the kids shoes! They bring up the white part on Mooses trainers a treat!
– Natasha from Mummy and Moose

3. Pampers baby wipes are so much better than any other make up wipe I’ve used! I’ve got a stash of them in my dressing table, handbag and work bag that I use instead of actual make up wipes now. They’re fab.
– Stacey from One Small Human

4. Giving our kitchen tops a wipe after washing them. It gets rid of any streaks.
– Pete from Household Money Saving

Very tidy and clean looking modern kitchen

5. Wiping the dogs feet after he’s been out in the garden!
– Laura from Five Little Doves

6. Good for cleaning up car dashboards!
– Adam from You’ve Got All This To Come

7. They bring up the skirting boards and door frames a treat!!
– Lucie from Coffee and Converse

8. Cleaning taps! They don’t half make them shine!
– Georgina from Gee Gardner

9. They’re brilliant for taking stains out of things, believe it or not! Oscar once doused himself in bean juice and I got most of the pre-wash stainage out of his t-shirt by scrubbing it with multiple baby wipes. They’re a life saver!
– Fern from Mumconventional

Baby clothes hang on a washing line against a bright blue sky with clouds

10. I’ve used one as a tissue. Not recommended but works in a pinch
– Lisa from Bare Mother

11. They are perfect for getting rid of glue marks on shiny paper in card making
– Kati from How to Rock at Parenting

12. Literally everything that needs wiping clean!!! And my toddlers love to do a baby wipe clean too, especially of the cat
– Kate from Five Little Stars

13. Getting muck off the carpet, lifts it right off!
– Kate from The Mum Conundrum

14. We once used baby wipes to get red wine off a friend’s wedding dress
– Clare from Running After Five

15. Getting felt tip pen off the couch and walls!
– Jennifer from Mighty Mama Bear

16. I clean my make-up with them, my mascara tubes look like new afterwards.
– Kerry from Kerry Shawn Mummy of Four

17. I use them to clean my 7 year old’s glasses that are constantly mucky from sticky fingers touching the lenses.
– Michelle from Time and Pence

A young girl wearing glasses is blowing a bunch of dandelion clocks in the forest

18. Cleaning the leather couch. Better then the special leather cleaning wipes!
– Éva from Captain Bobcat

19. You can soak them in Zoflora and pop them in the bottom of your bin to give it a lovely fresh smell
– Beth from Twinderelmo

And my suggestion…

20. Cleaning your hands after using a dirty petrol pump.

Some excellent ideas here!

So if your little one is potty training and you’ve still got a stash of wipes, don’t be too quick to shift them. And if you’re en route to buy leather, make up, or glasses wipes… think again before you spend more money. You might have just what you need in the bottom of your nappy bag.


What do you use your baby wipes for aside from wiping tiny tushies? Let us know in the comments below so we can spread the knowledge!

Pack of baby wipes with a wipe half pulled from the packet, against a raindbow coloured crochet blanket background. Header image displays blog post title in white font on transparent blue background.

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