Mums who can’t bake – do it anyway!

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Hi, I’m Alice, and I’m a mum who can’t bake.
In fact, many of my kitchen pursuits end up in disaster. In my repertoire so far I have ‘pasta bake soup’, ‘lasagna crisps’, ‘biscuit cake’, and ‘so mustardy it causes physical pain stroganoff’.
But you know what? I do it anyway.
Now I have a daughter, I bake and cook more than I used to. Granted it’s often those packet cupcake mixes (which I still seem to mess up somehow), but the act of doing it together with my little girl is the driving force more than the end result. Plus as long as it’s got some sugar in it she’s happy! (*Flatly ignores sugar guilt*)
As with most things I like to look at it pragmatically. Baking with your children is good in so many ways….
  • A chance to connect and give them and the task your sole attention
  • A chance to learn about nutrition
  • A chance to learn about maths – shapes, weighing and measuring
  • A chance to learn about kitchen safety – heat, sharp things, germs
  • A chance to share a sensory activity discussing the smells, sounds, feel, look and taste of the food in it’s different stages
  • A chance to enjoy messy play together in a reasonably contained environment!
So, to other mums who can’t bake… Do it anyway! It’s really not about the end result, it’s about all the wonderful things that happen when you spend quality time with your child, getting messy in the kitchen.

Our latest attempt

Last weekend Dee and I made heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day. They didn’t quite go to plan….!
Check out our video below to see how we got on, and if you’d like to try it yourself, I used this simple recipe from BBC Good Food.

Are you a mum who can’t bake or are you a pro in the kitchen? What was the last thing you made with your child?


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