Dear Daughter: A Valentine’s poem for my baby bear

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Dear Daughter,
I was thinking about what to write for a Valentine’s day post. Since I publish every Wednesday, and V-Day happens to fall on a Wednesday this year, I couldn’t ignore it!
The gift guides aren’t really my thing since daddy and I don’t usually bother. We tend to get cheesy chips from Folkestone kebab each year so I don’t think I’m the best person to comment on Valentine’s cuisine either.
You are nearly 3 now and this is the first year you’ve really noticed and understood what’s going on, so I thought I’d focus on my love for you rather than romantic love. I’ve got you a chocolate rose and some heart shaped balloons for the morning, and I’ve written you a poem that you won’t care about until you’re older, but know the thought was there!

Tiny one, baby bear, your big, bright eyes
light up my day when set above a smile.
Paired with a frown they can break me in two
all because I love you
so very much. It’s hard to choose
between not giving in and making everything ok.
Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say,
do I relent or ruin your day?
But the tears don’t last long, I scoop you into my arms
you know you’ll be safe there, they’ll cause you no harm.
It’s good to let tears flow and feel what you feel
and know it’s ok, so then out in the real
world when you’re all grown up
you can handle yourself and not get caught up
in dark, twisty thoughts of self doubt and worry.
But, baby one, don’t be in a hurry
to wish away childhood and all it entails,
like splashing in puddles and boats that set sail
across oceans of bubbles beneath beaming smiles,
giggles and wiggles and sponge crocodiles.
I love you, my darling, you make me prouder each day.
you’re clever, you’re strong, nothing stands in your way.
You inspire me to live, more than ever before,
in the moment and cherish the things I adore.
Thank you for loving me without condition
my promise to you is to make it my mission
to do all I can to raise you to be
strong and resilient, proud and happy.


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