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I wasn’t going to do a new years resolution post. I put up a Facebook status saying it wasn’t my bag. Although, I did like the idea of having a ‘word’ for the year – like a one word mantra to guide you through.
It was a new idea to me but lots of people seem to be doing it this year. I’ve seen some very inspiring words, ‘Abide’, and ‘Be’ spring to mind. I’ve been mulling over my own.
There’s been a word loitering in the back of my mind, like a teenager who’s too cool to join the lame family party but secretly really wants to. I can’t bring myself to commit, but it keeps calling to me. I thought it was a bit naff and I could come up with something better.
But, after a couple of weeks, I’ve realised that the fact I think my word is naff is the very reason why it absolutely must be my word this year.
I mentioned recently that I am quite introverted and submissive and although these aren’t bad characteristics necessarily, I am starting to find them restrictive at the moment. They’re contributing to a diminishing self esteem and a lack of self worth… that ain’t healthy and I’m not enjoying it.
But I don’t need a pity party. Recognising what’s going on is the first step, and I’ve also acknowledged that something needs to change, and that something is me.
My self-affirming word for 2018 therefore is:


I am valid, my thoughts are valid, my opinions are valid, my needs are valid, my dreams and goals are valid, my word is valid.
I don’t need anyone else to validate these things but myself.
It won’t happen overnight I’m sure, but by committing to this word, and striving to apply it every day, I hope I can bounce back from this dip I’ve unwittingly wandered into. I wan’t to be a strong and positive role model for my daughter, and I’ve got to make it, not fake it.
So, a belated happy new year, here’s to long term self improvement goals and self respect. Let’s plough on and keep striving to be the best versions of ourselves, little by little.
Peace out,
Alice x

Have you chosen a word for 2018? A one word mantra to guide you through? I’d love to know what yours is and why – or if you haven’t got one, what words spring to mind?
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