11 thoughts I had while pregnant that will make you LOL

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It still amazes me how totally, utterly clueless I was before having a child. In my arrogance borne of inexperience, I freely judged other people’s parenting whilst holding a very clear idea of exactly the type of parent I would be. No nonsense parenting, impeccably mannered children, days full of enriching activities and never a raised voice.

I’ve pretty much managed the no raised voice thing, but then I’ve never been very loud anyway.

Here are some HILARIOUS thoughts I had while I was pregnant about the type of parent I would be that now make me laugh so much I wet my Tena lady (joke….?)

  1. I have done ALL the breastfeeding research and I am going to ROCK breastfeeding from the start.
  2. I won’t use my phone around my child, my attention will be solely focused on them.
  3. I might get rid of the TV, we don’t watch it much anyway and we certainly won’t be letting our child watch it.
  4. My baby will be calm and rational and sleep through the night from an early age.
  5. I will be very strict with my baby and won’t go running at every cry.
  6. I will recite times tables to them as they drift off to sleep so they become ingrained and second nature to them as they grow up.
  7. I will speak French to them every day, even though I don’t speak French myself, I will learn it through teaching.
  8. I will use only cloth nappies from the moment we bring our new baby home from hospital.
  9. I will be back at work by the time my baby is 3 months old.
  10. I will use my maternity leave productively to sort the house out.
  11. I will be very disciplined with pelvic floor exercises so I can freely jump on trampolines with my child when they are older.

Ohhhh, so many lols!

What pre-child ideas of parenting did you have that now make you laugh? Or have you stuck to your guns on everything?


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