BlogCrush week 39 – 10th November 2017

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Welcome to #BlogCrush week 39! Wow, when did November happen?!

The last week has been a blur of busy and honestly feels like a whole month has gone by since I last hosted #BlogCrush rather than the 2 weeks it’s actually been. I organised a mammoth birthday quest for my husband’s birthday at the weekend and fried my brain with the real-time admin of it all, but it was truly epic and worth all the effort!

Big thanks to Wendy at Naptime Natter who took over last week’s link up and who will be hosting the first link up of each month with Lucy from now on 🙂 It definitely saved my sanity this week!

So what is #BlogCrush for those that don’t know?? #BlogCrush is a unique linky party that encourages bloggers to support each other. You can link up one of your own posts, AND a post you really love written by somebody else to expose it to our large community and get it some extra bloggy love <3

#BlogCrush is hosted by the lovely Lucy at Lucy at Home and me, and the wonderful Wendy at Naptime Natter takes over from me for the first Friday of the month.

Linking here provides exposure to your own blog, and could help you draw the attention of bloggers you admire as you link their posts and we share them far and wide. It can also drive traffic to your site to help improve those all important stats.

If you’re new to linky parties, Lucy has written an excellent beginner’s linky guide.

Has your post been featured by someone else?

Hurrah and congratulations! If someone has chosen your post as their #BlogCrush that means they really dig it, sos much so that they wanted to share it with the world and give it the attention it deserves! That’s kind of a big deal!

Please help yourself to the “I’ve been featured” badge below and add it to your post!
Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 34


The Rules

  • Join in with 2 posts:
    • 1 post from your own blog (personal) – no linkies please
    • 1 post from someone else’s blog (your #BlogCrush)
  • When adding your BlogCrush (post written by someone else) to the link up, please put “BC” at the beginning of the post title
  • Tweet your BlogCrush to let them know you’ve added them to the linky, and include @lucy_at_home, @L2MyDaughter (me!) and the hashtag #BlogCrush so we can retweet!
  • Comment using the #BlogCrush hashtag on at least these 4 posts:
    1 of Lucy’s posts (personal or blogcrush)
    1 of Wendy’s posts (personal or blogcrush)
    2x personal posts from the rest of the link up
  • Please add the #BlogCrush badge to the post you’re adding from your own blog. You can find the code riiiight HERE: (Just copy and paste the code into the HTML view of your post)
Lucy At Home Blogcrush Week 34

Featured Posts

Each week the #BlogCrush hosts choose a post from the link up to feature the following week.

Lucy’s featured #BlogCrush is:

  Wendy’s featured #BlogCrush is:

Please both of you grab your “I’ve been featured” badge from the top of the page!

Host Posts

I’m having a bit of a hard week with a big project for the day job taking over and making me miss my usual quality time with D. Feeling the parent guilt sneak in and longing to just hold her and play with her without thinking of the gazillion things I’ve got to do in a minute.

Because of this, I’ve chosen to revisit a post from a couple of months ago that’s all about celebrating the little parenting wins. I might not be the world’s best mum at the moment, but I can still focus on the little things:

My week of #parentpride

Thank you for joining us for #BlogCrush this week. It’s really lovely to read such wonderful posts every week! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the other side!

Love, Alice x

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P.S. Don’t forget to add BC at the beginning of your BlogCrush’s post title!

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