Super awesome surprise birthday QUEST for my husband!

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It’s my husband’s birthday today (happy birthday darling), and I am SO relieved! I’ve been planning a surprise birthday quest since I set up the Facebook event on a late night I-definitely-won’t-regret-this-in-the-morning whim back in July, and have been dying to tell him ever since.
The reason I kept it a secret all this time is because he’s a meddler. I knew if I told him, he’d start coming up with all these ideas that I’d feel obliged to try and include, and to be honest, I didn’t need the hassle. Case in point, I’ve told him today with a week to go until the event, and already he’s trying to organise all his friends and bossing them about to sort out their teams.

So what’s the quest?

Without giving too much away, because the main premise is still a secret to everyone, the idea is that, starting on the Friday evening, he and all his friends will receive a communication from the High Priestess of Folkestonia (aka me) giving some urgent news and setting the teams a mission. The message will send them to their first stop and from there the journey and story will unfold as they go.
I’ve kept it local, but specified that each team needs a designated driver because there will be some driving involved, and almost definitely some drinking!

Why a quest?

Mr Letters and many of his friends are big geeks and love a good RPG. A lot of them also play Pathfinder (a tabletop dungeons and dragons type game for those who don’t know), so I thought bringing that kind of game to life would be fun. (And massively time consuming – I was right!!)
I was also inspired by Questival, which is a 24 hour festival of mini quests that my sister took part in in Vancouver this summer. The quests she did ranged from “submerge a team member in a natural body of water”, to “conduct an interview in an actual board room”. They had 24 hours to complete as many quests as possible, each one worth a fixed amount of points, and I think there were prizes for the winning teams.
Another reason I set myself this massive project with no thought for my future sanity, is that we’re on a tight budget this year with Mr L starting university, and I thought I could do this pretty cheaply whilst still making it an awesome birthday surprise!
That’s all I’m saying for now, but I’ll share a full run down of how I did it and how it went after the event! Watch this space to find out 🙂

Have you organised anything ambitious as a surprise for someone? How did it go?

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