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Celebrating our achievements as parents is often low down on our lists… somewhere between washing the curtains and cleaning the light switches. (I hear people do these things…?!)

You may have already seen my parent pride post which challenges us to take a week to actively notice, log and celebrate our parenting wins, no matter how small, because we don’t often get the opportunity. It’s also about supporting other parents to do the same and call out their triumphs. I think this is so important both for our own mental health, and to set a good example for our children – showing them that you don’t need others to validate your achievements, you can be proud of yourself just because you are.

I did my homework, and posted (nearly) every day for just over a week. I’ve shared my posts below and hope it might inspire you to take part in the #parentpride challenge. It doesn’t have to be public if that’s not your bag – write it in a notebook or log it on your phone. If you do want to join me and post it on social media, use the hashtag #parentpride and show your support for others taking part.

So to stop me waffling… Here is my round up of my #parentpride week!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

So did I learn anything from my #parentpride week?

Yes, I learned that it isn’t always easy bigging yourself up, even for the little things. I found that it wasn’t always easy to think of something to write, I think because everything I do as a parent on a normal day seems pretty mundane.

On reflection though, just like our children learning to walk over months of gradual, unnoticeable muscle building, we might not notice the work we do every day to nourish our children’s brains and bodies to ultimately shape them into excellent human beings. But all those little mundane things add up, and in the end, they become the big things.


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2 Comments on “My week of #parentpride”

  1. I love this blog and love your #parentpride – omg to polefit.
    Thanks Alice you have inspired me to do this and i will be encouraging other mummas to aswell. Perhaps i will add a weekly #parentpride to my social media and maybe even go one step further and add a #parentpride of the week to other mummas to help boost them up.
    This is definitely a #BlogCrush

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