Dear Daughter: What daddy’s doing

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Daddy was the first person to cuddle you after you were born. He held you safe, and close, and gazed lovingly at you for 2 hours until I woke up from the anaesthetic. He loved you so much then, and even more now. I see the pride in his eyes when you do the amazing things you do, and when he’s able to make you laugh like no one else can.
I know he wants the very best for you and would do anything for you. That’s why he’s about to take a massive step into the unknown and start university for the first time today at 30 years old.

He’s doing it so he can have a good career that he enjoys, so he can contribute more financially, and be his happy self when he comes home from work. He’s doing it so he can spend more time with you and take you on amazing adventures. He’s doing it to set a good example for you, proving it’s never too late to start on the path to your goals, and it’s OK to take your time to figure out what they are! He’s doing it to make you proud to call him your daddy, and to be the kind of role model he wants to be for you. He’s doing it to open the door to the world for our family.

He’s doing this for you and for me and for himself.

I’m so proud that he’s found the courage to make this change, and I think you’ve played a big part in that. When we became your parents, everything we did from that moment on was with you in mind. You are our world and our future and, not to give you too big a head, you are the driving force behind all our big decisions.

I know you’ll be proud of daddy too when you’re old enough to understand all of this. In the meantime, just keep being you, in all your quirky, diva, giggly glory. There might be times when all he needs to ease his doubts is your smiles and cuddles. Just keep loving your daddy in the wonderfully innocent way you do, and he’ll keep on doing us both proud, I’m certain of it.

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