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Hello! My name is Alice and I'm a mother to one daughter.
This blog started in my mind before she was born as I thought of all the ideas and life lessons I wanted to share with my new baby as she grew. I finally got going as she turned 2 1/2 after my mind got too full to hold everything and I thought an outlet that also invited and inspired conversations about positive parenting ideas could be valuable to more than just me.

The blog contains messages to my daughter as well as musings on topics related to empowering children and preparing them for life in the big wide world.

About me

Hi, I’m Alice, mum to 3 year old Dee and wife to Dave. We live by the seaside in Folkestone, South East England.

Letters to my Daughter seeks to help thoughtful mums raise strong, empowered daughters by sharing essential information about parenting and feminism.

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Becoming a parent means learning just how massive and terrifying the world is, and just how beautiful and inspiring it can be. How do we help our children see the beauty in the chaos and give them the tools necessary to survive and prosper physically and emotionally? Letters to my Daughter serves as a vessel to project my ideas about raising children in an ever evolving world, and encourage conversations between my readers about how to raise the next generation of free thinking, resilient adults.

​ Thanks for reading!
Alice x

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